Just as every instrument adds its own unique and valuable character to an orchestra, so do different entities in a collaborative setting. But even the most beautiful symphonies benefit from a seasoned conductor.

At Inclusive Performance Strategies, facilitation for positive and lasting impact is our passion.

We know you have a vision. We can help get you from concept to reality, and we know it’s a journey worth taking.

Where bureaucracy can sometimes be a barrier to getting things done, we sidestep tired, outdated models and engage every contributor at every level, keeping ideas fresh, communication flowing, and motivation high.

Effective collective impact can not be achieved without an inclusive growth framework. Inclusive growth is the concept that equitable opportunity for all members of a community to participate in growth will benefit every sector of society. Communities across the nation are transforming themselves through inclusive growth.


Women & People of Color

Black/African American0%

80% of world’s talent pool is comprised of women and people of color (Deloitte)

Though the unemployment rate for the US population has steadily decreased since 2012, some groups experience higher rates of unemployment. For example, the unemployment rate for African Americans in the United States is nearly double that of White Americans (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, October 2019). Inclusive growth can help communities harness untapped talent.

Key Structural Characteristics that Encourage Inclusive Growth

(Just Growth, Benner & Pastor)

Political Consolidation

Having some degree of strategic interdependence (i.e. regional planning bodies) facilitates growth and equity in communities.

Economic Diversity

Communities are less vulnerable to boom-bust cycles.

Public Sector

Strong public sector employment can be a valuable stabilizing factor for both growth and equity.

Minority Middle Class

The presence of a minority middle class is a direct measure of increased opportunity and can assist in increased minority representation across sectors.

We’re experienced in seeing that all contributors to your project are working in harmony, meeting goals and effecting positive change.
When you’re ready to invest in inclusive community growth through collective impact, call on us.